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Interlocking Paver Stones

Interlocking paver stones are an alternative pavement solution to concrete and asphalt. While paver stones driveways and walkways are more expensive and take longer to install than concrete or asphalt. They actually increase the value of your home and are virtually maintenance free.


Excavating is a process to remove failed asphalt areas.
We saw cut failed areas and remove them with a tractor. We then haul all broken asphalt and dirt to a dump site.  Asphalt can also be removed by cold plane milling also referred to as grinding. A process that is much faster and depending on the job size can be more cost effective.


Paving, Patching and Paver Rentals

Paving is the process of installing new asphalt.
If your asphalt is in very bad shape you may need to excavate it first.
If not you can put a new overlay of asphalt over the top of the existing asphalt. If you just have a few small areas, you may just need some patching.

Paver rentals consist of you hiring us only to install your asphalt.
You take care of prep work, asphalt cost, trucking cost, etc, seperate from us. We just come in and put your asphalt in at a daily rate. We bring the paving machine, roller, our crew, etc.
Note: We do not rent just the paving machine for you to use.


Seal Coating 

Seal Coating is the process of applying an asphalt sealer to extend the life of your asphalt.The entire area will be air cleaned to remove debris. If you have cracks 1/2 inch width or larger  they may need to be filled first with a product specified for crack filling. Sealer is then applied with a squeegee or broom depending on the asphalt's condition. Your asphalt will need to be sealed every 2-4 years, depending on traffic and weather.



We also provide striping. We can re stripe your existing parking lines or create a new layout  for you.


Speed Bumps

We can install speed bumps/humps of any size you need and/or want. Install these to reduce traffic speed to reduce accidents.


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Other Services

Oil & Screening (Chip Seal)
Speed Bumps
Bobcat Service

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